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With the dust still settling on the UK’s decision to exit the EU, many questions have been left unanswered, including what this could mean for contractors and their finances. The initial impact was one of huge decline, but with the FTSE 100 recovering and the pound creeping back up, it is too early to predict what is around the corner.

The truth is, until article 50 is triggered by the new government, the reality of the EU exit will not become clear. There are hundreds of agreements to be re-negotiated and new relationships need to be forged. Predicting what this might mean for contractors in the long term is very difficult, but right now there seems to be a massive opportunity.

On Friday morning I took a phone call from one of my clients post Brexit. He explained how nervous he was about proceeding to buy his forever home. He was worried about what interest and mortgage rates, inflation and house prices might do. We decided to look at the specifics of his new mortgage. Borrowing £550,000 with a fixed rate of interest..1.79%….no application fees. There was a moment of silence, then the realisation of excellent opportunity which may not present itself again over the coming years. He exchanged contracts later that afternoon.

The reality is, mortgage rates have not moved since the announcement last week, in fact the appetite to lend seems incredibly strong with many lenders extending their maximum age. Tracker rates are still popular, with rumours of a further reduction in the Bank of England base rate to help stabilise the economy.

Overseas investors are looking at our pound and increasing prices and are tempted to buy into the UK market. Effectively the money moved out of the country pre-referendum, could well be on its way back.

The outlook over the coming weeks seems bright, and in fact a golden opportunity has presented itself. We may have uncertain times ahead, mortgage rates might well increase, but right now it’s difficult to see how you can lose. For now, mortgage rates remain at an all-time low, house prices are strong and lenders want to lend. Could this be a fantastic chance for contractors to reap the rewards while others sit on the fence?

Blog written by Jon Hatfield, Senior Mortgage Consultant at Contractor Mortgages Made Easy.

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