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This week a new mortgage lender has launched an exclusive contractor policy for clients of Contractor Mortgages Made Easy.

Contractors can now take advantage of exclusive market leading rates.

The lender, who has chosen to work with Contractor Mortgages Made Easy on an exclusive basis in England and Wales, has a variety of mortgage products available to contractors that beat other popular lenders.

Income will be assessed based on a contractor’s annualised daily or hourly rate, providing a significant boost in borrowing power over the traditional method of using taxable income via company accounts or umbrella payslips.

Very minimal documentation is required in order to verify income, including CV, contracts and bank statements.

Clients with a track record of 12 months’ contracting and an annualised contract income of £75,000 or a day rate of £400 will be considered.

In addition, contrary to other lenders, they will accept applications from contractors with gaps of up to 8 weeks between contracts.

To begin with, the lender will only consider remortgage applications. However unlike many lenders they will allow contractors to raise their mortgage up to 90% of the current property value for a variety of purposes including home improvements and capital raising for an investment property.

Jon Hatfield, Senior Mortgage Consultant at CMME, commented: “We are continuously working with a variety of competitive mortgage lenders to open more options for our contractor clients.”

“We are extremely pleased with the exclusive policy we have developed with this new lender as this will allow our clients to not only achieve mortgage funding that would otherwise be impossible, but in doing so to take advantage of market leading rates.”

“Although they are currently only considering remortgage applications, we expect the lender to start accepting house purchase applications in the near future.”

“Our contractor clients can expect to save money and time as a result of the low fees and cash back incentives on offer in addition to valuations being instructed on day 1 of the application.”

An example of some of the 2 Year Fixed Rate products they have on offer:

65% LTV 1.87% with no fee and £250 cash back

Exclusive 65% LTV 1.67% with an £845 arrangement fee and £500 cash back

Exclusive 75% LTV 1.84% with an £845 arrangement fee and £500 cash back

80% LTV 2.24% with no fee and £250 cash back

85% LTV 2.44% with no fee and £250 cash back

If you would like more information about the above, or just want to talk through your options with a contractor specialist, visit www.contractormortgagesuk.com/partner/associateservices or call 01489 555 080.

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