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Over 35 years of experience dealing with tax enquiries and tax planning.

We have successfully defended a number of clients who have been subjected to tax investigations for using tax avoidance schemes and offshore structures. The team are quickly able to understand the technical issues that are the key to the dispute and put forward robust technical arguments to defend our client’s position or come to an agreement with HMRC regarding settlement.

We often find that the adviser who has promoted the scheme or structure is not best placed to defend any subsequent investigation as they can lack objectivity when the planning they created has been challenged by HMRC. This is why we believe it is important that an independent tax investigations specialist is consulted. At Associate Services we will review the planning put in place and provide you with our honest assessment on whether we believe the planning works. If we believe the planning works we will robustly defend the arrangement put in place.


You will need somebody on your side who understands the jargon and knows how HMRC operates who can take some of the emotional strain from your shoulders. It’s also likely to be cheaper in the long run.

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